Welcome to the full schedule of the OWASP AppSec Research EU 2013 conference days. You’ll find the schedule for the training days at http://trainings2013.appsec.eu
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Thomas Roessler

Thomas Roessler joined the W3C Team in November 2004 to work on security, privacy, and European policy issues. He currently serves as Technology and Society Domain Leader.
Prior to joining W3C, Thomas worked at the University of Bonn on numerics of partial differential equations, and collected programming, systems administration and computer forensics experience. He served as the lead maintainer of the free software mail user agent mutt. Thomas has published and given talks on topics including anonymization services, legal questions of digital signatures, and online privacy. He holds a degree in mathematics.
Thomas served as the Technical Liaison to the ICANN Board in 2009 and again in 2012, and is chair of the Board of the World Wide Web Foundation (Delaware, US).

My Speakers Sessions

Friday, August 23

9:15am CEST